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Japanese Psychology and Counseling Associations
The Japan Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (JSTSS in Japanese) was founded during the 2002 Symposium of the JSTSS (In Japanese) with an initial membership of over 300 health care professionals concerned with trauma and PTSD related problems within Japan, including domestic violence, sexual abuse and bullying. Equally, if not more encouraging, is that women arre equally well represented, not only within the membership of the JSTSS but also within those who give presentations and participate in the panel discussions.
The XII World Congress of Psychiatry was organized by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) in collaboration with the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, representing leading Japanese societies active in the fields of psychiatry and mental health. It is also co-organized by a Japanese governmental institution, the Science Council of Japan. SCJ is the most prestigious academic institution in Japan, with numerous prominent scientists as members."
The Japan Focusing Association is a network of people all over Japan who Focus (a method of self-understanding and therapy developed by the psychologist and philosopher, Dr. Eugene Gendlin). It is for people who use and enjoy Focusing in their personal and spiritual development within groups, communities and in partnerships.
The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) is an international multidisciplinary professional membership organization founded "for professionals to share information about the effects of trauma. ISTSS is dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about policy, program and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences.
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