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The Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board For Clinical Psychologists (in Japanese)

Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists (in Japanese)

Useful Books:
Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists:"Rinshoushinrishi deau tame ni"

Very useful and comprehensive reference guide on how to find a JSCCP approved counseling center in Japan. Organized first by prefecture, city, town and ward area sub sections for quick and easy reference to help people living anywhere nationwide find a qualified clinical psychologist, certified in Japan to provide psychological and social support. This current edition lists 1085 approved counseling centers throughout all 47 prefectures.

Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists:"Rinshoushinrishi ni deau ni wa"

Annually revised and updated standard text book (first edition published in 1988) which provides masters level graduates with all the necessary information in order to gain experience, complete practical training and continue their education in order to prepare to sit for the written examination and interview which each candidate has to pass to become a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist in Japan.

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist

An informative and practical book with a focus on raising public awareness of the psychological effects that stress in this modern society has on the majority of both men and women and also of the prejudices that people who experience emotional disorders currently face within society. Using case studies it provides the general reader with a good introduction into what mental illness is and helps promote a greater understanding of the true nature of mental and emotional disorders. Also suggests methods for personal stress management.

Most important point:
No matter how many setbacks you experience trying to train, qualify and establish yourself as a Japan qualified Clinical Psychologist within Japan don't give up! Good luck to you and if I can be of help in any way just let me know how.

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