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Who me?
A personal profile - a little not so serious information.
Finding a JSCCP Approved Counseling Service in Tokyo and Japan
Tokyo Counseling Service
Counseling Psychotherapy and Group Therapy in English
Ikebukuro Counseling Center
Counselling Psychotherapy
Hozumi Clinic
Licensed Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Health Care Services
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Counseling Qualifications - Becoming a Psychologist

Mental Health Newsletter
The Counseling, Psychotherapy and Support in Tokyo and Japan Mental Health Newsletter topics include.
Counseling: Situations in Tokyo and Japan - 1,2
Mental Health Counseling : Situations Facing People in Tokyo and Japan.
Counseling & Counselors
Professional Mental Health Counseling in Japan.
Qualification and Registration
Qualification and Registration as a Mental Health Counselor/Clinical Psychologist in Japan.
The Japanese Certificate for Psychotherapy
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Books - Information - Support

Support & Self-help Groups
Online Self Help and Support Group Organizations in Tokyo and Japan.
Counseling Related Homepages
Japanese Psychology and Counseling Associations.
Favorite Japan Links
If you're interested in Tokyo and Japan related web sites in English on Japan issues, Japanese society.
Amazon Books - Psychology, Self Care, Workbooks, Tokyo and Japan:

Counseling, Psychotherapy and Psychology Books in English Japanese Books, Music CDs: Culture, Living, Learning and Recreation
The Scarlet Rose
The feelings, emotional experiences and reflections of people living here in Japan. Thanks to all who have sent in pictures and essays.
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