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The Scarlet Rose

"Do you ever wish you were a scarlet rose in a gentle breeze?"
(With thanks to 'Y.S-san')

The sentence above is the inspiration behind this page and was written and expressed by one member of a group held here in Tokyo a few years ago. It gave me the idea to gather together the reflections of ordinary people living here about any kind of emotional experience they either have been or are still going through. Your contributions are needed to help this page grow. Please send anything you like from a single line to an essay or even a drawing, picture or painting which somehow expresses the way you feel.

"My feelings of inferiority towards English"   by 'Gorisan'
"Den of Images"   by "Umayo'
"Classic"   by 'nami'
"My Prologue"   by 'nami'

You are welcome to use a nickname if you don't want your real name to appear online and your e-mail and/or homepage addresses will only be included if you would like them to be. Any contribution in any single language will be gratefully received. If you also include any translations they can be checked before posting if you like or simply posted as they come. Please indicate your preferences about these things when you send your contributions to: andrew@gol.com

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